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MPowered Podcasts explores various topics that create expansion and growth within individuals and within communities.
Michael and Marilyn have created a forum indicative of living in one of the most exciting and powerful times as a human being. Now more than ever people are no longer afraid to change their diets, living spaces, careers, and relationships so that they are more meaningful. They want freedom. They want to make decisions from a place of awareness. They want to understand all the multifaceted ways in which our intention facilitates our energy and creates our experiences. MPowered host fascinating guests from all walks of life who are willing and eager to share their personal stories, anecdotes, and insights.
Michael and Marilyn are experts at guiding and empowering listeners to follow their hearts and discover that change is possible and that dreams do come true. Listen in, you never know it might just be the thing you're asking for, and didn't even know it!

Feb 27, 2020

In this episode,  Mike Kitko, Executive Coach, Speaker & Author of "The Imposter In Charge!" stops by the podcast to share his journey,... going from a life out of control to be a spiritual warrior!  Seconds away from literally killing himself, something happen!   A "Critical Purpose Decision" happened!  You're going to want to listen, take notes & listen again!  Thanks Mike for sharing your life and the lessons you've gained from living it!